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Reaper Introduction

on Tue Apr 17, 2018 5:46 pm
Hello BrutalX
lets go over some basic information you might want to know about me  Very Happy
In-game name: Reaper
In-game Rank: Main Owner/ Server Developer
Name: Joey
Age: 24
Occupation: Military for now, Army Infantry. Been in for 5 years. Getting out soon
How long have i been in the RSPS community: i've been playing RSPS since about 2006-2007 right about the time i started playing Runescape. Been coding on and off since i was 14.
Random facts:
I'm currently married, well for about 30 more days atleast. XP
i love to ride motorcycles and I am a down to earth country boy.
I have a 10 month old pit bull puppy that i absolutely adore.
My girl is my world.

I look forward to playing along you guys with my legit account
even more then that i look forward to giving you the best possible content i can provide for you.
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